MARCH 2013 - geoghanart


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Day 71: Erie-Lackawanna Terminal Waiting Room Hoboken NJ - Mar 12. After severe flood damage from Superstorm Sandy, this old and loved train and ferry terminal in Hoboken reopened about 3 weeks ago. Fortunately the beautiful old lighting fixtures and iron railing in the Greek Revival style Waiting Room appear to be undamaged, But all of the lovely old wooden benches and shoeshine stand are boarded and covered up. Don't know how badly they were damaged or if they can be restored. Even though the Wiaiting Room is open, all of the lower level ticket windows are boarded up and have not reopened. A close look at this image wll show that all of the lower level windows are covered with plastic and sealed. The terminal serves more than 50,000 commuters daily who use trains, PATH, NJ Light Rail, bus and ferry services.

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