MARCH 2013 - geoghanart


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Day 66: Stormy Weather - Mar 7. Took a mid-day ride yesterday to look for some bird photo opportuntiies but none to be found. The strong winds and blowing debris from approaching storm made it a very short trip - but did like this quick shot of the threatening sky and lone tree. Very sad to see that the land on both sides of the road leading into my 'go to' park has been completely torn up with all of the trees and reeds gone - to make way for condos and homes. Don't know the details but it is a huge amount of space so lots of housing and lots of people. Wondering how that will effect the birdlife that typically vists the park. The park itself is still shut down (all of the trails and pathways) as a result of damage from superstorm Sandy.

Tree and SkyStormy SkyNJ Meadowlands Stormy Weather