NOVEMBER 2014 - geoghanart


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Day 319- NYC Skylne Sunrise - Nov 20. Sundown light on Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson River. The wide building with the triangle shaped top is One World Plaza, one of three buildings of World Wide Plaza which take up an entire block on the west side of Manhattan on 49th and 50th Streets and Eighth and Ninth Avenue. No matter where one looks in the city, orange construction projects are part of the view. The tall skyscraper in the background is the newly constructed 432 Park Avenue. When completed, it will be the second tallest building in NYC, after One World Trade Center, and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. By mid-2015, there will be three more new skyscrapers in NYC at a similar height. With ground sites no longer available for development in NYC, developers are either tearing down older buildings to make space for taller structures or air rights are being sold to add additional height to existing buildings. Can't help but wonder how the city intrastructure support the additional traffic and people.

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